30 December 2006

Bart Oates

My absolute favorite ATHF episode...

Tokyo Police Club

I found this cool band Tokyo Police Club. All I can say is a quote from Carl on Aqua Teen Hunger Force... "Freakin' Awesome!" They have a great punk sound with a touch of emo thrown in for good measure. My favorite track is Citizens of Tomorrow. Check them out...

29 December 2006

Compare your lives to mine and then kill yourselves!!

After drafting last, being rideculed and then insulted, David has the last laugh. I won the championship in my Fantasy football league with the cash prize of $255. Don't mess with the man!

28 December 2006

Baby update

We had an appointment with the doctor again yesterday and he said that little Ian or Mia is still due on Jan 22, but the baby could come at any time. We did have a minor little scare on Tuesday 12/26. We were at IKEA in Austin shopping for the baby crib, and Debora kept complaining that she felt like the baby dropped and is resting on her pelvic bones. My Mom and Sister were very worried since we were in Austin and San Antonio is 1 1/2 hours away. Well it turned out that nothing happened and the Doc said that is her pelivc bones separating. More updates to come...