29 October 2007

30 Unfortunate Quotes

“Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.”-Joe Theismann, former NFL football quarterback and sports analyst
This plus other unfortunate quotes...

28 October 2007

Forget gas prices: Beer is going up

Small brewers from Australia to Oregon face the daunting prospect of tweaking their recipes or experimenting less with new brews thanks to a worldwide shortage of one key beer ingredient and rising prices for others. Brewmasters say shortage of barley and wheat will raise beer prices. Fans of boutique beers will be hardest hit.

Drinking Stories That Put Yours to Shame

History is full of drinking stories that are hard to swallow. See if any of your stories can match these...

Mississippi Miracle! Trinity Tiger Football Wins on Final Play

Local San Antonio univeristy Trinity Tiger's football team scored a game-winning touchdown on the final play to steal a 28-24 victory over Millsaps. Riley Curry took the ball into the end zone after 15 laterals on the 61-yard passing play that began with two seconds left in the game. It's now a Pontiac Game Changing Performance nominee. Click the link to vote for this play.

26 October 2007

Cruise Ship Car Horn

How awesome is this? This guy was sick of getting stuck behind grandma going 40 in the fast lane so he took it upon himself to take out his standard car horn and installed a cruise ship horn.

25 October 2007


This is the game I'm currently into...

Driving 101

A guy doesn't realize that he left his car in neutral at the gas station until it's waaaay too late.

21 October 2007

Neodymium Magnets: The most powerful magnets on Earth

The magnets here are very powerful, much more powerful than magnets most people have seen, and need to be handled with proper care. The magnetic fields from these magnets can affect each other from more than 12 inches away. Our larger magnets can easily bruise fingers and even break finger bones as they attempt to connect together. Always wear protective eyewear or safety goggles when handling the magnets. Keep magnets away from any magnetic based storage devices such as desktop or laptop computers, hard drives, floppy disks, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, or credit cards. A distance of at least 12" should be kept between magnets and these items at all times. Keep them away from computer monitors, VCR'S and TV's, non-electronic wrist watches etc. If you or someone in your household has a PACEMAKER or another electronic surgical implant, don't even think of ordering these items.

20 October 2007

Spatula City

There's just one place to go for all your spatula needs... from the movie 'UHF'

Entire Precinct Made Up Of Loose Cannons

The Onion

Entire Precinct Made Up Of Loose Cannons

LOS ANGELES—"McCluskey's a good man, but he needs to clean up his act," Chief William J. Bratton said. "Same goes for Conroy, Peterman, Tobias, and Black."

19 October 2007

Return to the Moon

NASA's cinematic vision of our return to the Moon.

16 October 2007

Rex Kramer: Danger Seeker

Meet Rex Kramer, part time airline mechanic; full time daredevil...

15 October 2007

NFL to look into playing Super Bowl in London

"There's a great deal of interest in holding a Super Bowl in London," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters Monday. "So we'll be looking at that."

History of the Irish

United Appeal for the Dead

In the past year, over 800,000 Americans have died. Despite millions of dollars of research, Death continues to be our nation's number one killer.

13 October 2007

The Homosexual and You

Concentrated Evil

I have to get this book for Mia's Potty Training...

So Who Do You Want to Sacrifice?

This is how I'll probably treat my Daughter's boyfriend...

Zinc Oxide

From The Kentucky Fried Movie...

12 October 2007

B-Ball & Prince

Prince & the Revolution Challenges Charlie Murphy to Basketball

Is Wayne Brady Going to Have to Choke a Bitch?

10 October 2007


Tapes of real Nasa UFO recordings. The one that freaked me out the most is the transmission from the Space Shuttle Discovery.

SDSS Image of the Week Archive

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), the most ambitious astronomical survey project ever undertaken, the task of mapping the universe and determining our place in it. SDSS is systematically mapping a quarter of the entire sky, producing a detailed image of it and determining the positions and absolute brightnesses of more than 100 million celestial objects. It is also measuring the distances to a million of the nearest galaxies, giving us a three-dimensional picture of the universe through a volume one hundred times larger than that explored to date. SDSS is also recording the distances to 100,000 quasars — the most distant objects known — giving us unprecedented knowledge of the distribution of matter to the edge of the visible universe.

Battle of the Planets (G-force)

One of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid. G-Force; 5 incredible young people with super powers... always five, acting as one.

I'm Rick James Bitch!

Classic Clip: Eddie Murphy's brother Charlie tells the tale of Rick James as a Habitual Line-Stepper.

Punk Band Joy Division Left a Legacy That's to Die For

Here we chart Joy Division/New Order's influence, from alt-rock acts that cop its sound to the Hot Topic goths who mimic original singer Ian Curtis' gloomy outlook.

08 October 2007

How To Make Glow In The Dark Mountain Dew

Learn how to make a bottle of Mountain Dew glow in the dark using some only some peroxide and baking soda. This guy deserves some kind of Sciencey thing award or something...

Scientists May Have Found Appendix’s Purpose

For generations the appendix has been dismissed as superfluous. Doctors figured it had no function. Surgeons removed them routinely. People live fine without them. Now some surgeons and immunologists at Duke University Medical School think they have figured out the real job of the troublesome and seemingly useless appendix.

Che Remembered 40 Years After Death

The 40th anniversary of revolutionary Che Guevara's death is Tuesday, October 9th. Regardless, if you feel he is a hero or low down commie, it still is a historical event worth remembering. Personally, I find it ironic that his image is a multi-million dollar industry which is totally contrary to his beliefs. I also like his quote "Hasta la victoria siempre." Basically it means 'always unto victory', which has always inspired me just on it's face value.

Intruders Damage Priceless Monet Painting

Drunk intruders broke into the famed Orsay Museum in Paris, through a back door, early Sunday and punched a hole in a renowned work by Impressionist painter Claude Monet. I visited this museum when I was in Paris and I can't recall if I saw the painting. Anyways, it's still a sad story. Click on the pic and you can see the damage on the center right of the painting.

06 October 2007

Plane Crashes into Ocean

I don't know what the story is with this clip but it's pretty amazing. I hope it's just a test flight under remote control.

02 October 2007

Pi to 4 million (4193404 decimal places)