16 October 2008

Ex-NFL Player Donates Super Bowl Ring

Je'Rod Cherry is giving away his Super Bowl ring. The former NFL safety who won three rings as a member of the New England Patriots is raffling off his 2001 Super Bowl ring to benefit Asia's Hope, a non-denominational initiative that mobilizes Western churches to help Asia's poor.

Cherry told The Cleveland Plain Dealer that he had a hard time deciding which of his three Super Bowl rings to give away. He eventually settled on his first ring, because "It says I'm serious about this cause and it also reflects my faith, that I'm going to give up my best, what I care about the most. The other two I don't wear."

The 14-karat white gold ring with 142 diamonds as well as garnets and sapphires in the Patriots logo is reportedly worth close to $54,000. For a mere $10 (tickets are $2 each with a minimum purchase of five through netraffle.org), anyone can take a chance to own this gaudy bauble.

10 October 2008

Best Man Ruins Wedding

I was honored to be the best man at my best friends wedding back in July and thank God this didn't happen...

05 October 2008

Worst Football Endzone Spike. Ever.

You really see what happens when they show the replay...

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