30 May 2008

It's Just Like A Mini Mall

Classic late night local commercial...

29 May 2008

Fidel Castro and Stroh's Light

This is the kind of hard nose negotiations we need to bring about democracy in Cuba.

09 May 2008

North Korea Has Just Been Served!!

Unfortunately the makers of this vid don't allow embeding but trust me its pretty cool. A couple of South Korean soldiers decide to hold thier own "negotiations" across the 38th parallel.

Charles Barkley Gets Punked

The James Dean Guide to Being a Body Language Bad*ss

James Dean is an iconic figure of legendary proportions. He was a paragon of coolness who occupied the middle ground between normalcy and anti-social rebellion. He took up lots of space (both physical and psychological) and his body language simultaneously conveyed extreme confidence and boyish vulnerability. Here is a list of James Dean's 7 Rules for Being a Body Language Bad*ss.

In Summary . . .

Lean on Stuff While Standing,
Get as Horizontal as Possible While Sitting,
Assume an Open Posture
Take up lots of space,
Master the Confident Gaze/Fearless Stare/Scowl,
Talk Slowly,
Smile Strategically (No Sycophantic Smiling)

07 May 2008

Survive a Nuclear Blast

When I was a kid one of my greatest fears was a getting caught in a Nuclear Explosion. My home town (San Antonio, TX) is home to important Army and Air Force bases making it a top ten nuclear target. As a child many times I would have wake up with nightmares of witnessing a mushroom cloud and standing in awe as I wait for my death when the explosion blast hits me like a freight train. As an adult I still have these nightmares about once a year.

So it may seem like a fear rooted in Cold War paranoia, but with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) sniffing around the Middle East, North Korea and other parts of the world for hidden enrichment facilities and smuggled radioactive materials, the threat of an atomic bomb hitting a major city is a harsh reality.

If your city is the target of a nuclear attack, you'll need to do more than duck and cover. Between the sheer destructive force of the blast and the horrors of fallout, the odds of survival can be depressingly slim. Here's a short list of tips to beat the odds of this oft-feared doomsday scenario. If you want some serious information, here is the free online version of "Nuclear War Survival Skills".