30 January 2008

Carl: Not as Pissed

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters - Intro

Probably the best movie intro... EVER.

24 January 2008

Helvetica: Full Movie

Helvetica is a feature length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture.

22 January 2008

Blu-Ray Laser Hack

Some genius decides to add a PS3 Blu-Ray Laser to an actual Star Trek Phaser... Way Cool!


20 January 2008

Swing News

If the nightly news was presented like this, I'd probably watch more often...

17 January 2008

Dinosaur Sightings: 1970s computers

A picture gallery of computers from the 1970's.

Man Fired for Eating a Taco

Only in my hometown of San Antonio, can this be considered a serious issue. God, I love my town.

15 January 2008

Texans report seeing UFO

In this Texas farming community where nightfall usually brings clear, starry skies, residents are abuzz over reported sightings of what many believe is a UFO. Several dozen people — including a pilot, county constable and business owners — insist they have seen a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast. Some reported seeing fighter jets chasing it.

10 January 2008

Top 10 Most Expensive Libations

How about a bottle of $54,000 Rum from 1940? A list of the top ten most expensive libations.

Pilots Witness UFOs


Sleeve Faces

A ton of cool pics where the photo on album sleeves is completed.

04 January 2008

FBI Reopens 1971 D.B. Cooper Case

On a cold November night 36 years ago, in the driving wind and rain, somewhere between southern Washington state and just north of Portland, Oregon, a man calling himself Dan Cooper parachuted out of a plane he’d just hijacked clutching a bag filled with $200,000 in stolen cash. Who was Cooper? Did he survive the jump? And what happened to the loot, only a small part of which has ever surfaced? The FBI is reopening the case in hopes it will jog someone's memory.