30 September 2007

Binge Drinking 'led to four-week hangover'

It may be the longest hangover in the history of binge beer drinking. When a 37-year old man walked into a hospital emergency room in Glasgow, Scotland last October complaining of "wavy" vision and a non-stop headache that had lasted four weeks, doctors were at first stumped, the British journal The Lancet reported today.

28 September 2007

The Saddest Commercial Ever

Be forewarned, you will cry... This is an ad for an insurance company in Thailand, but that’s not important.

20 September 2007

Stella Artois' New Cinematic Website

Stella Artois released thier new international "Cinematic" website on Sept 18th. I checked it it out and it's actually pretty cool! A lot of neat things to explore. One game challenges you to pour the perfect Stella. I got an 8.6 out of 10. Top that...

15 September 2007

Mario Level Can Autoplay

Someone figured out that one of the most difficult levels in Mario Brothers will actually beat itself if you just leave the controller alone.

Greenspan Is Critical Of Bush in Memoir

Alan Greenspan, who served as Federal Reserve chairman for 18 years and was the leading Republican economist for the past three decades, levels unusually harsh criticism at President Bush and the Republican Party in his new book, arguing that Bush abandoned the central conservative principle of fiscal restraint. While condemning Democrats, too, for rampant federal spending, he offers Bill Clinton an exemption. The former president emerges as the political hero of "The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World," Greenspan's 531-page memoir, which is being published Monday.

14 September 2007

Free Samantha James Download

Another great free download from OM records.

12 September 2007

Russian MiG Jet-themed Lamborghini LP640

Nobody knows what this Lamborghini is, other than "really, really, hot." It's an LP640 with a fighter jet-style camo paint job, complete with rivets and warnings like an arrow reading "HEAT" that points to the exhaust. There's also a red star painted on the hood, which is intriguing because that was used to signify the Russian "Migs" way back when in Top Gun.

Terry Tate's World

I know these are a few years old but with Football season upon us, they deserve a posting...

Terry Tate - Office Linebacker

Terry Tate - Draft Day

Terry Tate - Sensitivity Training

Terry Tate - Vacation

Terry Tate - Streaker

Terry Tate - OSPN

Terry Tate - Late Lunch

Terry Tate - Remix

Enjoy Oktoberfest Like a Local

Mastering a little Oktoberfest etiquette -- such as learning where, when and how to eat and drink what -- is key to experiencing Munich's two-week celebration of beer and Bavarian culture.

03 September 2007

Top 10 Ways to Look Like a Total Toolbag

Before finding this blog entry, I really would try to avoid all these. Although I am guilty of one, the backwards baseball cap...