18 January 2009

Why Are These Guys So Happy?

Funny Dutch commercial reminds us that a huge walk-in closet is almost every woman's dream. But, what do guys go nuts over?

Raw Footage of Hudson River Miracle

The US Coast Guard has just released this raw footage of US Airways Flight 1549 crash landing into the Hudson River. The Airbus A320 had 155 passengers on board. My hats off to both the Pilot for his coolness under pressure and the Ferry Boat Captains who rushed to the scene in as little as three minutes.

06 January 2009

Watchman Short

While it’s entirely possible that fans may never see Watchmen on the originally planned date of March 6th, 2009, we can all at least bask in glory of this 4 minute short presented by director Zack Snyder and cry a little knowing the film’s day on the silver screen won’t come soon enough. Hit the jump to watch the featurette and keep checking back for more updates on the official film release!

Watchmen Exclusive

Here's a "behind the scenes" featurette. I didn't know Jackie Earl Haley was playing Rorschach. For those that don't remember him he played Kelly in the original Bad News Bears. Nice to see him coming back strong.

04 January 2009

Beer Caps Game

The game of Memory, but with Beer Caps.